Free Yourself from Chronic Pain and Sports Injuries

by Dr. Donna Alderman, D.O.
200 pages, softcover
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Discover how to become pain free! Millions of people live with chronic joint pain and sports injuries that just don't seem to heal. Dr. Donna Alderman had patient after patient come to her with various joint pain issues. The most successful treatment she found is Prolotherapy.

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Dr. Alderman is a graduate of Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, where she studied nutrition and received her B.S, and received her medical degree at the Western University of Health Sciences School of Osteopathic Medicine. She has been a clinical instructor for students at the Family Practice clinic residency program for Pacific Hospital of Long Beach, and does clinical training for premedical students from University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Alderman has also done numerous postdoctorate courses in prolotherapy, a natural treatment for chronic pain.

What Dr. Alderman's patients have to say about Prolotherapy

Photo of John Gray, PhD

"After just one Prolotherapy treatment I felt immediate improvement. After five treatments, my neck is fantastic and I am virtually pain-free. My posture has improved, and I feel stronger. I no longer have low back pain, the pain down my leg is gone, and my ankle has more bounce and doesn’t click like it used to."

— John Gray, PhD
Author of Men Are from Mars, Women
Are from Venus
and multiple other publications

Photo of Eric Bjornson, former player for the Dallas Cowboys

"My chiropractor suggested I try Prolotherapy. I went through six treatments and have noticed a significant improvement in my condition. It is by far the best my toe has felt in years, and I only wish I had known about Prolotherapy while I was still playing football."

— Eric Bjornson,
former tight end, Dallas Cowboys

Photo of Jane Edwards

"I have really had remarkable results with Prolotherapy. Over a period of months I sensed an increased strength/mobility in my back. I have been able to resume almost all of the activities I used to enjoy, and am now close to 100% better. I have told everybody I know about Prolotherapy. Prolotherapy got me off pain medication, helped take away my pain, and has given me the ability to be active again and enjoy a very physical life."

— Jane Edwards

Photo of Bob Dillon

"I still am enjoying the benefits of those Prolotherapy sessions – and much to my now retired service dogs enjoyment – we actually get off the sidewalks and get out in the country for lengthy walks and play."

— Bob Dillon

Physicians: Educate your patients about Prolotherapy.

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